Athmospheric Nonsense Poem

Meandering strains
of purple seaweed
drifting aloof
A song playing
underwater and soothing
Artificial kindness
breathing through a valley
The dry rocks beckoning
Rain blanketing all
A profound satisfaction
And life drinking up
Words on a screen
Laughing and Crying
Drugging the mind
Uncaringness beloved
Wood alive in darkness
an unending sound
passed down
from autumn to spring
Hornets raiding a bees nest
primitive reflexes
bravery without braveness
emergent patterns
aesthetic Holism
The beauty of Iron and concrete
or cliffs at the sea
Roughness and storm
water merging with sand
unending battles
but only metaphors remain
Language stripped down
technical and precise
heavyweight consequences
Bayesian conspiracies
Honed and tempered bodies
Idealized humans
broken spirits and minds
military precision
and the fascination of death
Gargoyles turned flesh
Fantastic creatures roaming
a child in a room
Streetlights flickering
A loud neon light
Bioluminescent jellyfish
and purple seaweed
drifting through a dream
everlong winding