My 100th Blog-Post is Some Doomerism Meta Bullshit I Guess

It is impossible to create anything

all of creation is a lie

if I wrote a hundred blog-posts

I would have written a hundred lies

the truth is unspeakable as it is unknowable

faking depth is easy and trivial

just throw words on a screen and make confident, imprecise claims

to do so is not art and contributes nothing

it is impossible to create anything because everything has already been created

even that thought is not original, originality is impossible

we have seen the creation and judged it unworthy

all our dialectical critique didn’t help us

in the afterlife, it is impossible to change the world

books can be written about left wing melancholia

about how the lost fights of the past could be transcended

in the vision of a future utopia, ever approaching

this has been shattered, and no vision retains strength against the force of our reality

the fights of the present are lost already

and the words ring hollow: another world is possible

we do not really believe them

to deep has the inevitability been engrained

our movements are build as desperate struggles

not for a better world

nut only to survive the storms on the horizon

and while preventing the worst necessitates the creation of a new future

such victory is merely an afterthought

while focusing on not drowning in our continuing loss

the self-fulfilling prophecy of inevitability

has chained the masses in their comfort zones

of infinite distractions

they have everything to loose

and have been told there is nothing to be won

only art remains

desperately hiding from the grasp of the content industry

and rich collectors, parasites

impossible to create

merely scavenged from the fragments

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