Wednesday Poem

For all of me and all of you
we made a truly mighty stew
and from our pot we drink the brew
to keep the cake and eat it too.

But no-one saw the ice caps thaw
as we burned coal to build our awe,
we knew it well but always tell
of need to quell the hardship of the poor.

Yet poor remain the huddled masses
and though they teach it in the classes
a true improvement rarely passes.

Farewell oh world of things a plenty,
I only need one hat not twenty,
and certainly no virtual ones.

And while we give up many things,
and for the better,
we need to keep those things that matter,
technology that keeps alive and healthy,
those who need it, not just the wealthy,
but everyone who wouldn’t thrive
in a hunter-gatherer life.

So really what we need to do,
is not make more,
but to make due,
we have enough, I’m sure of it,
it’s just that some are full of it,
while others really live like shit
and those between are taught to increase
rather than to find their own peace.

But seriously we (or most of us, at least) desperately need to reflect, re-evaluate and re-think our relationships with things.

Ein Gedanke zu „Wednesday Poem

  1. Things, soft and hard

    We pile layers upon layers
    For what purpose, we will tell us
    To ease and to keep pace

    We focus on the nearest sight
    Ignorant of all the shite
    Our piles so conveniently encase

    It’s not hard to build upon a ground unsound
    If things should be replaced so fast
    Beloved treadmill – we are bound!
    All is made to break, but naught to last

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