Tuesday, 2016-02-23

I am getting closer. I ran from the presence in the wood so many times now, but never before have I felt it so clearly. It feels wild, mad, raging, senselessly destructive, devouring life without purpose as the forest withers. There is no reason in it, nothing to reason with. I know this with a certainty that is only present in dreams, when things are simply taken for granted, with nothing to indicate the deduction of these brute facts.

Just as the presence in the woods, I sensed that in the cave more clearly as well. It is cold, it is iron. Calculating, scheming, mad. I saw blackness in the cave today. Nothing but a blackness, filling almost the entire room, but with clearly defined borders.

I don’t know why, but I kept searching the internet again today. And I don’t know how, but I found something. A strange website that has clearly never seen the light of CSS. There are hidden links there, easy to miss and references I don’t understand. It talks about strange books with a clear expectation that every reader knows their contents by the letter. I would discount it all as useless gibberish, but some of these references could be about an owl being. Some of the references are remarkably similar to my feelings in the dream. Some of the references speak to me.

The site is a pain to navigate, and, it seems, purposefully so. Content is spread around hidden subpages, snippets are hidden in mouseover texts. I spent half the day until I found it, and half the day on it. Nothing has made much sense yet, but I have a feeling like I just have to read more and all will fall into place.

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