Monday, 2016-02-22

The dream is changing… Or rather, it’s continuing. The cave, now brightly lit by the truth, glowing as bright as my understanding, definite in it’s completeness. A way has opened or revealed itself in the sick red light. I follow it. The symbols keep repeating, the same message, over and over again. I can not differentiate between the strange symbols and their transliteration or their meaning. It is like the message, true and removed from it’s presentation, is written on the wall, and it is only my eyes viewing it that overlay the different representations they have witnessed.

There has always been a presence in the cave, and as I follow the pathway, it strengthens, becomes oppressive. I can feel now, clearly, that it is different from the hunting presence from before. I can’t quite lay my finger on the difference. There are veins of glittering ore in the walls, the way widens, I can not stop going further, regardless of the mounting pressure and fear.

The path becomes a hall, the hall opens into a giant cavern, and inside the cavern… I awake.

It was afternoon when I woke up, I had slept a full 10 hours, just one dream. It holds a renewed significance now. All night, I obsessed over the little details, going through it again and again, in my head. I scoured the internet for hints, searching for mentions of eternal immortal owls and all sorts of variations of the message. I found nothing relevant in the heap of information. The dream will take me back soon, I can not wait, I want to see more.

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