Sunday, 2016-02-21

This now, is the truth. The missing words are Finnish. „Iäisyyden“ revealed this fact to me very quickly, of course, thanks to the internet. It took a while to deduce the rest of the words from the little sample of letters I had, and checking for each probable combination if the result was valid Finnish. But this now, is the truth. This is the full text, the true message.

i am eternal
iäisyyden kuolematon pöllö
asleep waiting
iäisyyden kuolematon pöllö
it is time
iäisyyden kuolematon pöllö
iäisyyden kuolematon pöllö ymmärryksen takaa

Apparently, the finnish part translates to eternity immortal owl and „eternity immortal owl understanding from behind“ or something in that vein. Maybe a less… mechanical translation could be something like „eternal immortal owl (from) beyond understanding“?

I have concluded that it is a name or title, I feel like nothing else would adequately explain the structure of the text. Now that I finally found the meaning of these dreaded symbols, I don’t know what I am supposed to do with this information.

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