Friday, 2016-02-19

No dream tonight. I feel refreshed.

Yesterday was great, I got so many things done. First, I went to the psychiatrist, and seeing the state I was in, he was able to make some time, although for some reason my wednesday appointment seemed to have gotten lost. Well, all the better, since I missed it anyways, I guess. I showed him my journal. He said I should seriously consider stationary treatment. He found it extremely worrying that apparently I had lost control and/or memory of my actions for some amount of time. I told him that I would consider it, especially should the situation worsen. I told him that I felt confident that I would be able to seek treatment before I lost too much control.

Maybe it was just hard to imagine, from a relatively sane perspective, how I could not be in control of my actions. Maybe the craziest thing I ever did was to not act on his warnings immideatly. In any case, for now, I’ll trust that I can get through this without resorting to such extreme measures. I also got some medication against anxiety, and my next appointment.

After the my visit to the psychiatrist I went to the library. It was unevenful and unremarkable. I spent about an hour browsing the books, but nothing really held my interest. When I left the building, I felt a lot less tired for some reason. Ate street food for dinner and went home, and slept for a long time.

Today, after sleeping in, I went shopping for groceries and cleaned the apartment. Nothing else of notice.

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