Monday, 2016-02-15

Nothing makes any sense. I had the dream again, but I didn’t even reach the cave. I can smell the forest now, I’ve never smelled anything in a dream before. It smells like a forest at spring, at first, then, as it changes, it’s more like autumn, the leaves turning to earth. As all the trees die, there is a sick smell of something rotting.

It makes it hard to breath, hard to run. Maybe that’s why I didn’t reach the cave.

I spent all day trying to decipher the text. Somehow, I just know it is a code. But despites this strange certainty, it eludes my every effort of decoding. I’ve tried a frequency analysis, shuffling the letters around for hours, but I got nowhere. There are no obvious patterns, none that I can see. I fear that too much got lost during transcription, that there is something in the original text that I’m missing. I dare not look at it.

I still long for the library. Every day this strange obsession gets stronger. Every day I fear it more.

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