Sunday, 2016-02-14

I woke up, and found it was sunday. There is a strange entry in this diary, I can not understand it. Every time I stare at it, my head hurts and the symbols blur. Every time I look at it, I am staring. I must find out what it means. I can not recall writing it. The symbols don’t seem familiar, I can’t find them anywhere. It takes effort to look away. It hurts to look.

Maybe it is simply a code? I should try to transcribe it and see if I can figure something out. THE LIBRARY HAS ANSWERS COME TO THE LIBRARY HAS ANSWERS COME TO. I resist. I do not comply, I do not obey the call. I will try to transcribe it. If it is a message written by myself, why should I not be able to decipher it? Maybe it is just plain english.

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