Cancelled Consistency

Today I somewhat break the consistency, because I am on vacation and did not manage to get my post done in time in order to set it to publish at the right time (ALL HAIL LORD HELIX). In order to further break consistency with the previous posts and to make the alliteration work, I am also writing this in English, as you can plainly read. Take it as a first taste of my next epic post, which can not be hyped enough, in which:

  • I will write in English as well!
  • I will finally reveal my „secret“ sideblog!
  • I will include a link to a webcomic that was supposed to become porn but then turned into comedy instead (while still featuring a lot of porn).
  • I will make references to „The Wall“.
  • I will include a lot of other stuff not listed here in order to not spoil the „surprise“.

Mentioned post will probably not be up for another few weeks, but I will try to post another „consistency“ post on the appropriate date next month, which will hopefully include the „Endlösung der Akronymfrage“.